June 16, 2012

How to clean windows in 4 easy steps

One day bright and beautiful day I was sitting here looking out my front window at the front yard; and that's when I noticed it.

The smudges left behind by my little man dog Chase. You see, every time anyone walks past our home (which is often) my Shitzu/Schnauzer (that believes he's a Bull Mastiff, bless his heart) gets very, very upset. To show how tough he is he sticks his nose up to the window and bark and bark and bark... leaving lovely nose marks on the window.
The Culprit - how tough is he with his one little tooth sticking out?

Let me just tell you this, I don't clean windows. Honestly, I have so many other things to clean up on a daily basis, that when it comes to things like windows, walls, baseboards and mirrors, they are so far down my list of things to do I often don't even bother.

But this year will be the year I actually get to these things on a regular basis. (At least that's what I keep telling myself this.)

I started out with your typical go to - Windex and paper towel. HOLY STREAK MARKS BATMAN!
Ok, lets try again, something a bit more natural - Vinegar and newspaper. It's getting better, but we can do better.

So I broke out the tools. The squeegee and - dish soap! Yep, not some expensive cleaner, just a few drops in water.

The tools:

dish soap
Squeegee - I got mine at Ikea years ago.

How to:

Step One:
Add a few drops of dish soap (I use Palmolive) in a small bucket.

Step Two:
Using  the cloth scrub the windows. (I say scrub because that's what mine needed, yours may not.)

Step Three:

Use the squeegee to clear off the soapy water. (And here is where my high school part time job as a gas station attendant comes in to play.) Trick - When using the squeegee pull straight across then angle down so the water pools at the bottom and wipe with a paper towel.

Step Four:
Step back and gaze through your AMAZING windows!

Congratulations! You are now a window cleaning super ninja.

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