About Me


My name is Chelsea, I'm the mom of 3 beautiful boys, (Matteo, Angelo and Alessio) owner of 3 dogs (Chase, Shelby and Nova) and a stay at home again mom.

I love to bake, cook and craft, I hate to clean. (but will do so - grudgingly).

 A little about me:

My favorite color is:


My favorite song is :

LanaDel Ray - Blue Jeans

My favorite tv show:

Son's of Anarchy, True Blood, Shameless and Lost.

My favorite movie:

Dirty Dancing and all of the 80's teen flicks (16 candles, Pretty in Pink, Breakfast club, etc.)

What I want to be when I grow up:

I don’t know yet.

Why I started this blog:

I decided to start this blog after being inspired by the many amazing mom-bloggers. I hope to use this forum to inspire others to laugh, eat, create and vent.

What can I not live without:

My IPhone and my laptop

My idea of a "perfect day":

Starting with an amazing brunch (notice I say brunch not breakfast, because I am assuming I get to sleep in) then I would be in a spa getting the works; Followed by a relaxing day of shopping. Finally dinner with all of my men and to finish off the day a night of movies.

I would love to hear from you! Drop me a line at ChelseaAtHome@gmail.com.

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