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Yummy Squash
First off let me start by saying I am not a "I make everything from scratch and am a better mother than you because you don't." So lets get that out of the way.

I believe everyone wants to do the best for their babies and this is just one thing I like to do for mine.

When I had my third baby I made the decision to feed him homemade baby food for a few reasons.

It's a lot cheaper - you can make 10 portions of baby food from 1 Sweet Potato or 4 portions from 1 cup of peas.

It's convenient - because I make the baby food from ingredient I have on hand it's easy to whip it up. I don't have to go to the store to buy the jars of food, plus he eats the same food as us.

It's nutritious - It's fresh and less processed than jarred baby food. There are no fillers, sweeteners or preservatives. (My 10 year old once told me - "you know that baby food in a jar is probably older than the baby.") Did you know that when food is jarred it is heated to such a high temperature to kill any bacteria which is good but it also looses a ton of vitamins and minerals as well.

It tastes the way food should taste, and smell how it should smell. Have you ever tasted the food out of the baby food jar? I did at a baby shower and it was AWFUL! Why would I want my baby to start out eating food that appalling?
Somebody's excited!

The Tools:
Something to blend the food with. I was lucky enough to get a Baby Bullet, which I LOVE, but you can use a blender, or food processor, it's up to you.
Ice cube tray (The silicone ones work best, because its easy to pop the food out when its frozen)
Ziploc bags

Time to get to the recipes I use. (Please note, my little man is only 6 months so we are just starting eating, as he gets older, I will add to the list)

The Recipes
Apple Sauce
Banana, Broccoli
Peas, Pear,
Squash, Sweet Potato,

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