October 18, 2012


I am so excited, I decided to sign up for the National Novel Writing Month. Basically you spend 1 month writing and writing - NO EDITING, which will drive me INSANE. In the end you have a piece of work that you probably would not have gotten out if you kept going back and changing things.

This will be my first attempt at getting the stor ies that floats through my mind,be it time, low attention span or fear I never seem to get it out there, onto paper. Ok, not exactly paper, but you get the point.

So with the encouragement of my lovely and creative momma I have decided to take the plunge into writing.

I am going to start a new topic on the blog about my progress, including the highs and lows. I am nervous about what may come out of my mind when I really let the gates fly open and don't hold back.

Wish me luck!!

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