August 16, 2012

How to make a Triangle Banner

I love, love, love the triangle banners you see all over the web. I decided to use it as part of the theme for Alessio's Baptism and I made yards and yards of it.

It looks a lot more difficult then it actually is, here's how I made mine. (PLEASE NOTE - THEY ARE NOT PERFECT! Some of the triangles are not the exact same size, they may even be cut a little wobbly. That's OK!)

What you need.
Fabric of your choice. (I used a polka dot canvas fabric, about 1 yard. Blue, Green and turquoise that I had left over)
Fabric scissors,
Twine (I got mine from walmart in the housewares department)

1. Cut the fabric into triangles.

2. lay the twine over the ugly side of the fabric about 1/2 inch from the top of the triangle.

3. Fold the fabric over the twine and proceed to sew along the fold. (I used the zigzag stitch so the tread would stay put.

4. Leave some space between the triangles and repeat until the banner is long enough.

That's it! A fun and cheap craft that really helps your party decor pop!

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