July 05, 2012

Fun Things to do with Boys this Summer

If you're like me, you have been dreading hearing "I'm Bored!" this summer break.

I am trying to be more proactive with my boys so they don't just sit on their butts playing video games all summer long. (Which is more difficult then I thought it would be)

So I created my home version of Summer Camp. A way to keep their creative juices flowing and muscles moving.

Here's my list of  fun activities to do with boys this summer!

Stepping Stone Project - use your hand print, or foot print, decorate with pretty stones or just paint, its a great way to add a little touch of your kids to your garden.

Scavenger Hunt - Why not enjoy the great out doors? Leaves, bugs, stones, flowers, the possibilities are endless! (for a free printable scavenger hunt list click here)

Go to the Zoo - You would be amazed at what you will learn too!

Water Fight - Water balloons, water guns, water pinata (fill balloons with water and hang from string and let the kids hit the balloons with a stick), sprinklers, sounds like fun to me!

Hit The Library - Your local library had not only books but movies and lots of fun free activities all summer long.

Drawing Day - go outside with a sketchbook and draw your surrounds, maybe a bug on a leaf, or a bird on a branch, let nature be your inspiration.

Build a Project Day - My boys love working with their hands, we are going to build some bird houses.

Robot Day - Use recycled items from around the house like boxes, paper towel rolls, add a little paint  and let their imaginations run wild!

Science Day - Remember when you were a little kid and you were amazed that when you mix baking soda and vinegar it bubbles up? Well they will be amazed too!

Baking Day - We love to bake around here. (surprised I'm sure!)  Why not bake up some Fudgy Brownies, or a batch of Strawberry Yogurt Cupcakes?

Painting Day - finger paints, puff paint, acrylic paints canvas, wax paper, fabric, the choices are endless!!!

Make Puff Paint

Make Playdough

Make Flubber - post coming soon!!!

Make Claydough - post coming soon!!!

Board Game Tournament - forget the video games! why not break out the Monopoly, Clue, Guess Who, Connect 4 or my favorite - Jenga! time each game so you play 45 mins. each (so you can avoid the 4 hour game of monopoly!) and who ever wins the most times gets a prize. (a simple toy from the dollar store wrapped up)

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