July 18, 2012

Chores, chores, chores! Printable chore cards

With the summer in full swing, I have 2 extra people running around the house the entire day. More dishes,  more laundry, more mess!

Unfortunately I am NOT Super Woman. CRAZY I know! So I do need help from the men in my life and I came across a great idea to get the kids involved that I wanted to share.

Chore Cards

First off we came up with a list of all the rooms that needed to be cleaned. Then for each room, what needed to be done, and finally what supplies they would need to collect to do the job right. (I left the supplies blank as I may use different cleaning products then you.)

On Monday we pick what cards we will use for the week. (There are 6 cards + 1 bedroom card, so we each get 2 cards + our bedroom to take care of) Its great because I know who has / hasn't been doing they're chores.

We go through the cards and do each of the chores on the list. At the end I go through the rooms with the boys and make sure the jobs are done well. (I have found I have had to relax a bit, they're kids and don't necessarily clean the way I do - Matteo apparently feels that dishes are only clean if 1/3 of the
soap bottle is used per load of dishes.) I keep track of everyone's points on a white board.

You can easily get the cards laminated so you can write on the cards with dry erase markers. (I haven't yet)

Each chore has a corresponding points value that the kids can use to "buy" different fun activities. (Computer time, sleep over with friends etc.)

We also came up with some extra chores they can do to earn extra points if they need them.

You can print the Chore Cards HERE.

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