February 28, 2012

Owl Mobile (the result)

Week 2 - Owl Mobile (the result)

Hi Friends,

So it took some time as I hand stitched the owls but I am so happy with result!

Felt sheets (what ever color combination you want) x 5
Thread to match

Step one:
Cut out the owl body shape (I folded the felt in half so I would cut two identical shapes)
as well as circle for belly, white circles for eyes and wings

Step two:
Sew any decals you want to on the tummy. (I used green thread to add some extra detail)

Step three:
Sew on the eyes and beak

Step four:
Stitch around the owl body leaving the bottom open and stuff with pillow stuffing. Close bottom of owl.

Step five:Stitch wings on owl.


Step 1:
Stitch leaves on tree and buttons (if you choose to use one)

Step 2:
Stitch front and back of tree and trunk together leaving bottom open.
Stuff with filling and stitch closed.

Here's the result:

I can't wait to hang it up!!

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