March 01, 2012

It's Raining Crayons!

Week 3: It's Raining Crayons! 

Hi Friends,
This week I thought I would have my 6 year old Angelo help me with a project for his room. He is an artist through and through so I thought we would combine his two favorite things, coloring and robots.

Here's the inspiration (Thanks Pintrest once again!):



10x13 canvas
96 piece box of crayon
glue gun
Black Acrylic paint
fine tipped paint brush

Step one:
Organize the colors in the order you want them.

Step two:
Paint the robot/umbrella on the canvas

Step 3:
Glue all of the crayons down on the top edge of canvas.

Step 4:
Using a blow dryer I held it close to the crayons until they melted.(Aim it up and it will drip better than if you have the blow dryer aimed down)

The crayon didn't melt exactly how I wanted (I had been hoping for long smooth drips, but I still like the result)

TIP*cover everything around the craft area with newspaper as the blow dryer will send melted crayon EVERYWHERE!

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