February 15, 2012

baby birth information print

Hi Friends,

So as I am watching my little one playing in his jungle gym I thought I would create a cute poster to track all of his birth information (before I forget it!) that I am going to frame and put in his bedroom.

Here's the inspiration:
 Here is what I created. (Yes, I know I have pretty much copied it, but I love the original.)
I used a great program called PAINT.Net that I downloaded from the net. It took me about an hour and cost $5.00 to print.

Some Tips:
1. Make sure you have the image sized properly, I made it an 11 x 14 poster, and the resolution is 210. The reason you need to do this is so it is a printable image, not just for viewing on the web.

2. You can't go back and resize the text once you unclick it using this program so create a new layer for each word so you can go back and resize/rotate etc. with any issues.

Happy poster making!

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